Sea Water Desalination Unit capable of producing up to 7000 liters per hour

liters per hour
per day in Hybrid Mode

Powered by the OSMOSUN™ SW7 from Mascara, the WaterEverywhere WE7000SW is a fully automatic Reverse Osmosis desalination plant. Housed in a 40ft shipping container, the WE7000SW is capable of producing 7m³ or 7000 litres of pure drinking water from sea water with a TDS as high as 40grams per litre.

The solution tailor-made by Turnkey Water Solutions in Cape Town, South Africa is an all-inclusive offer with the following features:

  • 25m Deep Beach Well with 50m of piping to the plant
  • 100m discharge outlet pipe
  • 40ft container, housing the Osmosun™ SW7 unit, as well as all the pretreatment water equipment.
  • 10m³ feed tank & Pump
  • 15m³ permeate tank & Pump
  • Post Treatment dosing station for pH correction and chlorination
  • 65kWp Solar Farm
  • 300m of fencing (with a gate) enclosing the solar farm and container
  • Logistics, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning
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